What are the Best Slots? We Discuss Our REAL Experiences!

02/02/2020 0 Comments

What Are The Best Slots? We Have The Answer!

With the number of online slot games available there are many contenders for the very best. We thought the best way to make that decision was to have a discussion instead of holding a regular vote. This way, we can decide what the best features of each game are. We will show you all the best features that the latest slot games to the market offer and the answer to what are the best slots.

One of the first things that have made this year such a great year for slot games is the jackpots. They have changed lately to become network jackpots instead of regular ones. This means that all the games connected all put into the jackpots, as a result, they reach much higher amounts. This is obviously going to attract more players, which only affects the jackpot in a good way. With more players, means more money put into the jackpot increasing the amount won to greater amounts.

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You will often find the bonus rounds are the pathway to getting to the jackpot. However, many slot games will have a set maximum win that is not connected to the jackpots offered. The bonus rounds offered are usually the route to take if you are aiming for that huge prize. Not only that, but the bonus rounds are a nice bit of relief from the constant spinning of reels. This is because they usually offer a slightly different way to play.

What are the Best Slots? The Answer Explained

To find out the answer to what are the best slots, we decided to discuss the features every slot game offers. Click here for more details on where we found all the best slot games around. We looked at a range from a list of developers and compared the quality and enjoyment factor of each.

The themes of the game are a factor we take into account. This is because they usually dictate what the imagery used in the game consist of. We like to see high-quality imagery, as almost all devices nowadays are capable of displaying HD. It is important that this engages the player, after all, no-one wants to play on a boring slot game. It is not unusual to see the symbols used also reflecting the theme of the game. For example, if a game has an Ancient Egypt theme you may see hieroglyphs used as symbols. Or if it has a Vegas-style theme, you may see cherries and the number 7 used as symbols.

Some of the more common features you see in slot games are the auto spin function and the max bet function. These are there to help make your play experience easier. The auto spin feature can be programmed to spin a certain number of times.

If you fancy playing for real money, there’s a lot to be said for homework. You can even set it to spin a certain amount of funds or until you lose a spin. However, the max bet feature works completely differently. Pressing this will automatically set your stake to the highest possible for the game. This is often a strategy that high roller players use as the reward from one of these stakes will be a lot higher. It is unknown if playing a higher stake gives you more of a chance to land the winning lines.