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16/01/2020 0 Comments

Ever Wondered What The Online Slots Top Games Are?

A couple of weeks ago I was playing my favourite online slot game and a friend of mine said I was playing the completely wrong game. He also claimed that the game he plays is a lot better. That was not the last of it. This disagreement became a group discussion of friends that could not agree on the best online slot game to play. As a result, I thought there was a need for a definitive list of online slots top games.

This was a lot easier said than done, as there are so many fantastic slot games to play. Therefore, I had to come up with a strategy. I was going to divide the factors I look at into several sections. These would be:

  1. The Games Theme
  2. The Payout of the Game
  3. The Bonus Rounds Offered
  4. Does it Play on my Mobile?

I will be using these four points in the review of each game I look at. They will help me determine which games are in the top games list. More importantly, which game holds the crown at the top of the list of online slots top games.

Themes of the Online Slots Top Games

The theme of the game is something I think many people disregard. This is what attracts you to play the game in the first place. Visit to see what I mean by this. The theme affects every part of the game, from the imagery used to the icons displayed on the reels. The slot games that are released in recent years use CGI based visuals that are of incredible quality.

The payout of the game is another thing that I have noticed affects the popularity of a game. This is one of the biggest things people look for for when reading guides. Once word gets out of a game with a very high payout rate the popularity seems to just grow and grow. If these are the kind of games you are looking for, you can just play slots here today. However, my own research has shown that the payouts are all pretty high. Therefore, my opinion is that a lot of this relies on luck, as I have played some of the higher RTP slot games and won less than a slot game with a slightly lower return to player. 

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The Bonuses Offered in Online Slot Games

These play an important part in your gambling experience of playing slot games. Let’s face it, I have played slot games with no bonus rounds and it was boring a hell. Just sat watching the reels blur as they spin then stop on symbols over and over is not my idea of fun. That is why I am so fond of bonus rounds, as they break up this repetitive action. You will often find the gameplay slightly different when you reach these rounds. As a result, I find them more enjoyable not forgetting to mention how rewarding they are. The rewards offered when playing the bonus rounds on slot games can reach amounts that bring a smile to my face.

If a slot game is connected to a jackpot, you will usually find that there will be a dedicated bonus round. What i mean by this is, there will be a bonus round included in the game that includes the main reward of a huge jackpot.