Why Cam Newton Should Go First In The NFL Draft

May 17

It’s tough to do any NFL futures betting right now as we are growing more and more pessimistic that there will even be a season, but there should be a draft, even though players are asking the incoming players to boycott the event. We’re working off the premise that there will be a draft, and whether there is a season or not, Carolina still needs a lot of help when football resumes. Who should they take with the first pick? The most discussed college player of the year, Auburn’s Cam Newton.

Newton probably isn’t the best football player available, but picking Newton would be an upgrade at quarterback for the Panthers, who have Jimmy Clausen and Matt Moore in the ranks. Neither of those quarterbacks inspire any confidence in Carolina fans, even though they are still young. They just don’t have that “it” factor, a leadership where players will get behind them, and Newton has that in spades. If it wasn’t for Newton, who won the Heisman award, the Tigers wouldn’t have come close to the national title game, much less a win, and there were plenty of other instances in which Newton willed his team to victory, including a classic comeback win at rival Alabama in the “Iron Bowl” that may have been the moment of the season.

At the combine and Auburn’s pro day, we didn’t learn anything about Newton that we didn’t already know. He has to work on his accuracy and footwork, and he’ll probably have to improve on making progressions, but those who interviewed Newton are satisfied that he’ll be able to learn these things as he goes. You can’t compare Newton to Vince Young, who led Texas to a title, because he has a more outgoing demeanor, and that will serve him well. The Panthers need belief more than anything, and Cam Newton inspires this belief.

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